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20-Year-Old Founders Introduce World’s First Skateboard Brake

20-Year-Old Founders Introduce World’s First Skateboard Brake

The Braille Team (6m followers) Tries BrakeBoard

Is the skateboarding world on the brink of a monumental transformation?

The brake is absolutely gamechanging. It’s the biggest innovation I’ve seen in 22 years.”

— Carson Macdonald

SALT LAKE CITY, UTAH, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, October 2, 2023 /EINPresswire.com/ — The 20-year-old VibeRide founders are betting millions that skateboards will adopt brakes. Is it the next big revolution, or are these young founders making a mistake?

VibeRide has introduced the first-ever skateboards with brakes, and emerging data shows it’s not only changing the existing skateboard market – but also potentially capturing market share that never previously existed.


From an outsider’s perspective, many ponder why traditional skateboards and longboards have never before featured brakes. Now that the technology exists, the only question remaining is whether or not riders are willing to use and pay for this new feature.

Of a 422-person poll of students and parents, it was found that when shown skateboards with brake-equipped options, people are far more likely to substitute scooters or bikes for cruiser skateboards.

Charlie Cannon, the founder of VibeRide, firmly believes that “as a lifelong skater, brakes belong on every non-freestyle board on earth.”

Up until now, skateboarders have relied on the art of ‘foot-braking,’ a technique that entails riders balancing on one foot while dragging their shoe along the ground. With this brake system, riders press down on a brake pedal to slow down. Akin to the functionality of a scooter brake, it allows riders more control and less shoe degradation while braking.


In their first three months, VibeRide has already recorded sales in the hundreds of thousands of dollars for their skateboard brake products, with monthly sales growing exponentially.

The social media waves are surging as well, with VibeRide’s videos amassing millions of views. Notably, the influential YouTube channel, Braille Skateboarding, with over 6 million followers and an iconic reputation, featured a video showcasing the brake system, which swiftly became their most-watched video to date.

It is clear that the skateboard brakes can sell, but to become a household product, it’s going to take a level of business execution that analysts typically will not peg 23-year-old founders as being prepared for.


At the helm of VibeRide is not a traditional businessman, it’s 23-year-old Charlie Cannon – an ambitious and multi-faceted young entrepreneur whose talents do not stem from a traditional business career.

Cannon’s journey began as an extreme skier, signing an athlete contract at the age of 18 to perform freestyle stunts for the prestigious ski brand J Skis. His attention-grabbing ski videos attracted tens of millions of organic viewers, acquiring the knowledge for VibeRide’s future social media presence.

At the age of 19, Cannon embarked on his first entrepreneurial venture, EXO Drones.

Starting as a complex camera drone manufacturing company in his parents’ garage, it skyrocketed to success, raking in over 15 million dollars in sales within its first two years. Cannon attributes the success to his “Gen-Z level understanding of the internet”, using social media marketing to fuel the growth.

In 2021, Cannon’s EXO Drones became the fastest-growing drone company globally, before it was sold for a substantial sum the following summer.

At the age of 22, Cannon acquired and filed for six skateboard brake patents, setting the stage for VibeRide. VibeRide used his reputation and patents to secure an undisclosed, hand-shake agreement from one of the world’s most renowned investors. Details of this investment are rumored to be released in the spring of 2024.


VibeRide’s ascent to success is an ever-evolving narrative. From a college dorm room to the global stage, the journey of a trio of twenty-year-olds pursuing their passions may very well redefine the iconic pastime of skateboard riding.


VibeRide is a skateboard company founded by young entrepreneurs, dedicated to introducing brakes and other innovative skateboard products. With the introduction of Skate Brake and BrakeBoard, VibeRide aims to enhance safety and control while preserving the essence of the sport. For more information, visit www.VibeRide.com.

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VibeRide’s BrakeBoard Launch Video

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