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85-year-old comic book with debut of “The Bat-Man” sets record of $1,825,088-Detective Comics #27

Detective Comics #27

Vincent Zurzolo, ComicConnect.com

ComicConnect.com, the premier comic book and collectible auction website, sold an unrestored copy of Detective Comics #27 for $1.825,088 to set a record price

There are about 100 copies known to exist, and only eight unrestored copies graded higher than 6.5. This book sold for a record breaking $1,825,088 at our ComicConnect auction.”

— Vincent Zurzolo

NEW YORK, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, March 27, 2024 /EINPresswire.com/ — You Can’t Make Up This Stuff: a 85-year-old comic book with the debut of “The Bat-Man” set a sales record recently.

“The Bat-Man,” as he was then known, made his first appearance in Detective Comics #27, which hit newsstands exactly 85 years ago, in March 1939, at a cover price of 10 cents.

Recently, in an online auction held by ComicConnect.com, the premier comic book and collectible website, an unrestored copy of Detective Comics #27 (graded as a 6.5), netted the highest public sale of #27 ever: $1.825 million.

“There are probably about 100 copies known to exist, and there are only eight unrestored copies graded higher than 6.5,” said Vincent Zurzolo, president of ComicConnect.com. “The last time this book sold was in May of 2022, almost two years ago, at what was dubbed the pandemic boom for collectibles, at $1.7 million.”

Even in its unrestored state, the record-setting comic book displays unusual beauty, with the colors of the classic cover remaining remarkably sharp.

The book’s contents are just as notable.

“The Case of the Chemical Syndicate” introduces readers to the wealthy playboy Bruce Wayne and his alter ego, The Bat-Man, as co-creators Bob Kane and Bill Finger also establish the crimefighter’s relationship with Commissioner Jim Gordon of Gotham City.

Gordon invites his friend Bruce Wayne to help him investigate the murder of one of three business partners in a “chemical syndicate.” The Bat-Man swoops in later to investigate when a second murder is committed.

Amid several fight scenes, bad guys are thrown from rooftops and dumped into a tank of acid – clearly, this Bat-Man is no knight in shining armor. In the final panels, the Bat-Man’s identity is revealed as that of Bruce Wayne, continuing a tradition going back to Zorro and the Scarlet Pimpernel.”

“The market for Golden Age Comics is very strong,” Zurzolo said. “During the pandemic, prices for all comics skyrocketed, with many falling back to earth in the last year.

“The early comics of the late 1930s and ’40s have been immune to this downtown and continue to appreciate in value because of true scarcity and unsatiated demand for books that introduce the most memorable characters in pop culture – including Batman.”

Other highlights from the recent auction include:

• Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #1 going for $120,000 as a CGC 9.8 Signature Series signed by co-creator Kevin Eastman;

• Superman #1, graded 1.0, selling for $90,000;

• Amazing Fantasy #15, graded 5.5, selling for $66,006;

• Silver Streak Comics #6, graded 4.5, selling for $33,777; and

• Famous Funnies #214, featuring Frank Frazetta’s Buck Rogers cover, selling for $31,165.

Zurzolo promises more Golden Age finds in ComicConnect.com’s next Event Auction #58 coming up in June. “They may not be in great condition, or even good condition, but the appetite for these historic comic books is not going away,” he said.

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