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Adopting AI Is a Game Changer in Gaming & Hospitality: Info-Tech Research Group Publishes Industry Research

The firm’s latest industry research introduces an innovative library of generative AI use cases for the gaming and hospitality sector. The resource provides practical guidance to help IT leaders in the industry accelerate value-driven, game-changing Gen AI adoption to compete in a new era.

TORONTO, Dec. 13, 2023 /PRNewswire/ – Despite the rapid pace of technological advancements, the adoption of generative AI (Gen AI) within the gaming and hospitality industry has been slower than in other sectors. Info-Tech Research Group has released new research and insights on the situation, titled Generative AI Use Case Library for the Gaming & Hospitality Industry. In the new resource, the firm reveals that the industry has yet to fully harness the transformative potential of AI largely due to the lack of organizational insight and understanding needed to develop and implement a business-aligned Gen AI strategy and governance model. As a result, many organizations are left struggling to adapt and meet customers’ evolving demands and remain competitive in a dynamic market.

Info-Tech’s new research, which includes a collection of targeted use cases, aims to help revolutionize the sector by facilitating the strategic and responsible implementation of generative AI. With the launch of this blueprint, IT leaders within gaming and hospitality will understand how to fully embrace the potential of AI, leading to an exciting new era of enhanced customer service and operational efficiency.

“In the gaming and hospitality industry, the advent of generative AI marks the beginning of an exponentially transformative era,” says Larry Fretz, vice president of industry research and senior managing partner at Info-Tech Research Group. “It’s not just about redefining traditional operations and guest experiences but also about significantly boosting margins and top-line growth. With its advanced algorithms and creative potential, this technology is poised to curate exceptionally hyper-personalized and engaging encounters.”

The blueprint reveals that the level of uncertainty within the gaming and hospitality industry about harnessing the power of Gen AI varies depending on each organization’s maturity level, with many grappling with the path to successful implementation. This challenge is further compounded by limited comprehension of potential use cases and their alignment with strategic objectives. Moreover, there is an underlying concern regarding the risks associated with AI, including threats to guest privacy, brand reputation, and data security. These factors collectively contribute to the industry’s cautious approach to embracing Gen AI technologies.

The firm has introduced an innovative library of Gen AI use cases tailored for the gaming and hospitality sector. This library is designed to assist organizations and their IT leaders in evaluating potential use cases based on their unique capabilities and value sources. The research includes some of the following use cases, each highlighting the potential boost that Gen AI can offer the industry:

  • Authentic Guest Search: Deploying guest-service chatbots that provide human-like responses for complex inquiries can enhance the guest experience.
  • Hyper-Personalization 3.0: Elevating hyper-personalization efforts by enabling sophistication to 1:1 initiatives creates more tailored and engaging customer experiences.
  • Compliance Boost: Advanced AI support will strengthen anti-money laundering (AML) efforts, enable know your client (KYC) procedures, and support responsible gaming initiatives.Next-Gen iGaming: Using AI to develop ideal online games and themes that resonate with player behavior and preferences optimizes engagement and satisfaction.
  • Optimized Design: Employing AI to generate optimized casino floor layouts, a remodel of the entire property, or new build plans ensures efficient and appealing designs.

“This revolution in customer service and entertainment is set to elevate guest satisfaction while simultaneously driving operational efficiency and profitability, heralding a new operating standard in the dynamic world of hospitality and gaming,” adds Fretz.

According to the firm’s recent Tech Trends 2024 report, 66% of companies planning to invest in AI by the end of 2024 anticipate a positive impact on their business operations. This finding underscores the urgency for the gaming & hospitality industry to adopt AI technologies soon. By investing in AI, this sector can position itself at the forefront of innovation, harnessing the power of AI to enhance customer experiences, streamline operations, and stay competitive in an increasingly digital marketplace.

For media queries for exclusive and timely commentary from Larry Fretz, an expert in the gaming and hospitality sector, or to access the complete Generative AI Use Case Library for the Gaming & Hospitality Industry blueprint, please contact [email protected].

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