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American Fine Arts Foundry: Where Artistry, Technology, and Skill Converge for Excellence

Brett Barney CEO

American Fine Arts Foundry

American Fine Arts Foundry

Batman and the American Fine Arts team

Batman and the American Fine Arts team

American Fine Arts stands at the forefront of the metal casting industry, combining decades of expertise with unwavering commitment to innovation & dedication.

Challenge us! Bring us the project others have not been able to do.”

— Brett Barney CEO

BURBANK, LOS ANGELES, US, August 29, 2023/EINPresswire.com/ — The foundry’s journey to excellence began nearly half a century ago and has since evolved into a hub of creativity and precision under the visionary leadership of Brett Barney, CEO & Chief Collaborator. His unique background, encompassing craftsmanship, technology, and a passion for art, has propelled the company to remarkable heights.

What sets American Fine Arts Foundry apart is its unyielding dedication to pushing boundaries. The team’s rich experience is complemented by a relentless pursuit of technological advancements. This blend of traditional craftsmanship and cutting-edge techniques enables them to undertake projects that others may deem impossible.

Brett Barney’s creative journey began with a profound apprenticeship from his grandfather, followed by diverse experiences ranging from crafting art furniture to working with leading tech companies. This eclectic background laid the foundation for his role at the helm of American Fine Arts Foundry.

Over the years, the foundry has collaborated with renowned artists, including KAWS, Richard MacDonald, Antony Micallef, Ed Ruscha, Bill Mack, and many more. Notably, they even worked on a historically significant project attributed to the legendary Leonardo Da Vinci, further solidifying their reputation for excellence.

At the heart of the foundry’s success is its team of highly skilled professionals, many of whom have dedicated over two decades to perfecting their craft. Their commitment to silicon bronze patination and craftsmanship is matched only by their commitment to customer satisfaction.

American Fine Arts Foundry leverages technology to enhance both aesthetics and production options. Their pioneering work in 3D printing for large-format “lost-print” casting has revolutionized the industry. This innovative approach allows for faster project completion, eliminates the need for mold making, and offers unparalleled flexibility in scaling designs.

Barney emphasizes the collaborative nature of the foundry’s work, stating, “I now call myself the Chief Collaborator. This is the creative part of the business I love. Helping our clients problem solve and find a workable solution gets my creative juices flowing.”

American Fine Arts Foundry’s motto is simple but powerful: “Challenge us! Bring us the project others have not been able to do.” With a deep love for art, a passion for technical advancements, and a relentless drive to solve challenges, they are well-equipped to exceed expectations.

In an industry where craftsmanship meets technology, American Fine Arts Foundry is not just creating art; they are redefining the art of creation.

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American Fine Arts Foundry
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