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Bitcoin Minetrix Cloud Mining Pioneer Sees ICO Power Past $10 Million

NEW YORK, Feb. 1, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Tokenized cloud-mining innovator Bitcoin Minetrix ($BTCMTX) has raised more than $10 million from contributors.

The fundraising run rate for the Bitcoin Minetrix ICO is accelerating as the crypto community warms to its unique selling point. Bitcoin Minetrix plans to take cloud mining into the tokenization sphere, bringing greater efficiency to the industry, as well as eliminating the fraudsters.

Currently priced at $0.0132 in Stage 23 of its presale, Bitcoin Minetrix is the only product coming to market that enables participants to access a claim to bitcoin mining revenue, as a utility function of owning the $BTCMTX token. In this way, token holders will also be able to enjoy the passive income that comes from mining bitcoin.  

With less than four days to go before the presale price of the $BTCMTX token rises to $0.0133, there is no time to lose. However, if the target for the current stage of $10,928,040 is reached before then, the offer price will roll over to the next stage before the four days elapse.

Because Bitcoin Minetrixs business model is based on its connection to the bitcoin mining ecosystem, it makes it a particularly attractive candidate to be among the first crypto killer apps that scale.


Bitcoin Minetrix is part of the new wave of killer apps that crypto desperately needs

Recent volatile moves in the bitcoin price highlight, if it were needed, the relative immaturity of the market and its highly speculative nature.

What the crypto industry needs is products that create value through being genuinely useful. Arguably, Bitcoin Minetrix does just that by opening up bitcoin mining opportunities to ordinary consumers interested in gaining exposure to a network that could be the future of money.

With applications such as Bitcoin Minetrix making a pitch to be among the first decentralized applications to gain significant traction, it is exactly what the market needs to move from speculative immaturity to a value-oriented industry delivering products that people want to use.

Heres how Bitcoin by Minetrix makes bitcoin cloud mining more accessible and efficient

Bitcoin Minetrixs advantages over buying mining rigs and trying to set up a business by yourself are obvious in terms of the far lower upfront capital outlay involved in cloud mining.

Theres also no need to worry about getting to grips with the complicated intricacies of the bitcoin protocol.

Running on Ethereum, Bitcoin Minetrix rewards those who deposit the native $BTCMTX token with cloud-mining credits. Each participant in the network can access a percentage of the mining revenue based on the share of cloud-mining credits. The cloud-mining credits are exchangeable for cloud-mining power.

As a tokenized system it means cloud mining with Bitcoin Minetrix becomes a pay-as-you-go system. It will also have the upside of squeezing out the fraudsters.

No longer will the customers of cloud miners need to hand over their hard cash for a cloud mining contract written in opaque language deliberately designed to obfuscate.

By contrast, Bitcoin Minetrix is fraud-resistant because all transactions are on-chain. $BTCMTX is the ideal market fit for smart contract technology, designed as it is to automate through code the business logic underpinning products and services.

The systems paramount smart contract handles all of the cloud credits and allocations to mining as well as the time period over which mining is to take place, all set by the user using a bespoke dashboard.

Bitcoin Minetrix strengthens the Bitcoin network because of its transparency and efficiency

Transparency and efficiency combine to deliver an easy-to-use product that threatens to unleash revolutionary change in the cloud mining space.

A byproduct of this near-frictionless route into mining bitcoin is the way in which it can help to grow the hash power (computing resource) of the network, making it even more secure and decentralized.

At the start of Bitcoins mission to transform the world of money, it was once possible to mine the digital currency on a laptop, but those days are long gone. However, with Bitcoin Minetrix there is a new opening for the little guy.

As you would expect, the largest allocation of the funds will go directly into the mining operations – 42.5% of the $BTCMTX tokens.

Marketing efforts to ensure that the project gains traction will take up 35% of the token allocation.

Stay up to date with all the Bitcoin Minetrix presale news and product developments on the Telegram channel, Discord server, and X (Twitter).

Bitcoin Minetrixs tokenized bitcoin cloud mining is a business model that has a lot going for it, and little competition to speak of.

A first-mover advantage is a powerful selling point in and of itself. After raising more than $10 million, and with more to come, the team has the resources to realize a vision that could shake up bitcoin mining.

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