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Cwallet and Microcosm Labs Forge Strategic Partnership to Drive Crypto Adoption and Innovation USA – English APAC – English

Cwallet and Microcosm Labs Forge Strategic Partnership to Drive Crypto Adoption and Innovation

USA – English

APAC – English

VILNIUS, Lithuania , April 29, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — To accelerate mainstream crypto and blockchain technology adoption, leading crypto wallet provider Cwallet announced a wide-ranging strategic partnership with Microcosm Labs, a pioneering blockchain applications platform.

The collaboration will see deep integration between Cwallet’s secure crypto storage solutions and Microcosm Labs’s cutting-edge blockchain applications and services. The two companies combine their strengths to remove critical barriers to crypto adoption and unleash new waves of innovation across the digital economy.

Crypto has incredible potential to transform how we interact with money and digital assets,” said Frank Ling, CEO of Cwallet. However, that potential is limited by complexities around security, usability, and real-world use cases. Our partnership with Microcosm Labs directly tackles those challenges head-on.

As part of the agreement, Microcosm Labs may invest strategically in Cwallet to align long-term interests and roadmaps. Microcosm Labs has also invested in and incubated several products focused on the TON ecosystem, including GameFi, DeFi, and others. The specific portfolio that can be checked includes TonUP, PixelSwap, TonTogether, DetectiveTON, etc.

The investment will help Cwallet expand its top-notch wallet infrastructure, making it easier and safer for more people to store and use crypto. Additionally, integrating with Microcosm Labs’s blockchain ecosystem will create new crypto use cases in decentralized finance, NFTs, gaming, and beyond.

Moreover, Cwallet is broadening its platform by integrating more tokens on the TON chain, demonstrating its crucial role in enhancing user experience and promoting TON token usage. This reflects Cwallet’s dedication to broadening its blockchain services. Through a strategic partnership with Microcosm Labs on their launchpad, Cwallet aims to extend the functionality of its Telegram Bot, which will be employed by platforms like Pixelswap for promotions, enhancing the reach and effectiveness of its tools for new projects.

Such strategic efforts are central to promoting widespread crypto wallet adoption and advancing blockchain technology. These efforts position Cwallet and Microcosm Labs as critical players in the future of the blockchain industry, thus providing significant value to users and investors.

About Cwallet:

Cwallet is a leading crypto wallet offering secure, fast, and flexible solutions for all your crypto needs. Supporting over 800 cryptocurrencies and more than 50 blockchain networks, it has been chosen by millions of users worldwide. We’re passionate about creating a crypto ecosystem that’s accessible and inclusive. That’s why we’ve built a network of interconnected tools like CCPayment-The Crypto Payment Gateway. And Giveaway.com – a contest tool that brings trust to the drawing process.

We are excited to announce the launch of our groundbreaking crypto loan service and its crypto referral program designed to unlock the full potential of your digital assets. At Cwallet, you can now leverage your cryptocurrency as collateral to secure loans quickly without selling your valuable digital assets. Join us to explore the features and benefits of Cwallet’s revolutionary crypto loan service.

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For more information, visit: Website | Twitter | Telegram | Discord

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Originally published at https://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/cwallet-and-microcosm-labs-forge-strategic-partnership-to-drive-crypto-adoption-and-innovation-302128418.html
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