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Digital Racing Cards LLC Announces Release of Race Face Digital

Digital Racing Cards LLC Announces Release of Race Face Digital

NEW PORT RICHEY, FL, USA, January 22, 2024 /EINPresswire.com/ — Officials from Digital Racing Cards LLC are excited to introduce Race Face Digital, The Ultimate Entertainment Platform designed exclusively for racing enthusiasts, collectors, and gamers.

The new platform features a dynamic space where individuals can engage in the exploration, acquisition, sale, and exchange of digital MP4 three-dimensional collectible racing cards.

The Digital Card Creation Process

The creation of Race Face Digital’s personalized digital cards is simple, featuring a first-of-its-kind automated system that allows for a seamless minting process. Participating drivers just have to upload three images and add a brief bio, before submitting their cards to minting and seeing their exclusive digital collectible card spring to life.

“Our goal has been to make this process an effortless journey, transforming an image into a digital collectible for race fans,” noted Wortham. “Our goal has always been to provide grassroots racers with a platform to showcase their brand to loyal fans around the world much like the other professional sports including MLB, NBA, and the NFL”

Unlock a New Dimension: Where Gaming Meets Collecting!

Race Face Digital’s new entertainment platform will also feature gamification, the fusion of game elements into non-gaming realms, as part of its digital collectible card program.

Gamification will create an immersive experience for both gamers and collectors, allowing enthusiasts and gamers to earn points, conquer challenges, and unlock badges, both in the gaming world and in their personal digital card collections.

The goal of the program is to make every action on the Race Face Digital Entertainment Platform more enjoyable, interactive, and rewarding, enticing users to achieve new heights and claim exciting rewards.

To begin integrating its digital collectible cards into the gaming world, Race Face Digital plans to roll out three games to its platform, Capture the Flag, Response Racing, and Museum Quest.

Capture The Flag will be the first of three games released. In this digital rendition, the classic childhood game Capture the Flag undergoes a transformative experience. Collectors can acquire card packs containing four randomly selected cards from the 49,000-card game pool. The objective is straightforward: amass cards featuring the same-colored flag to accumulate codes. These codes will allow players to “Crack The Vault,” and win the $25,000* grand prize. Response Racing will feature drag-racing style, reaction time challenges for players, including bracket battles that will pit players from across the globe against one another using a selfie card in the staging process. Museum Quest will provide an interactive gaming experience that will see users work to build their digital card collections through a gallery atmosphere.

As part of its strategic marketing approach, Race Face Digital plans to make guest appearances at various local tracks nationwide, promoting engagement between drivers and fans while building its unique entertainment platform. Look for them at a track near you over the course of the motorsports season.

Spotlighting Our Beloved Pets

In response to additional passionate requests from our devoted fanbase, Race Face Digital’s entertainment platform will introduce Pawfolio later this year.

Scheduled for launch in the second quarter of 2024, Pawfolio is more than just a digital card — it’s a personalized canvas for capturing and sharing the unique tales of pet owners’ furry companions. The platform combines convenience with creativity, allowing pet owners to craft a digital masterpiece that encapsulates their pet’s essence, from playful antics to heartwarming moments all in a downloadable format.

“At Race Face Digital, our focus is on all things digital, and this is just the beginning.”

Additional Programs & Goals

Race Face Digital also has the goal of providing a way for members to save money on a diverse range of products and services, including gas, hotels, dining, and other product savings from more than 2,500 retailers around the world.

That led to the creation of the Savings HUB, which can be accessed through the creation of a free fan account on the Race Face Digital Entertainment Platform.

The Savings HUB is designed for drivers, teams, and fans to be able to save money on necessary travel expenses, as well as additional savings surrounding everyday purchases as well.

Combined together, the various aspects of the Race Face Digital Entertainment Platform – its digital collectible cards, unique and integrative games, and the new Savings HUB – provide an all-inclusive entertainment experience for users that has been carefully crafted by its diverse development team.

The group that has combined to create the Race Face Digital Entertainment Platform features more than six decades of combined experience in the motorsports, business, marketing, design, and journalism industries.

Join Race Face Digital today in this groundbreaking journey and become part of the exhilarating adventure!

For more information on Race Face Digital, including how to sign up for its new entertainment platform and gain access to its revolutionary digital collectible cards, visit https://racefacedigital.com/.

About Race Face Digital

Race Face Digital is the ultimate entertainment platform, designed for race fans and collectors to collect, buy, sell, and trade digital MP4 (video) collectible racing cards. Race Face Digital affords racers in all disciplines and walks of life the ability to promote their brand in unique ways and connect and interact with their fans in the digital world.

For more information, visit https://racefacedigital.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/RaceFaceDigital

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/racefacedigital

Twitter: https://twitter.com/RaceFaceDigital

TikTok: https://www.tiktok.com/@racefacedigitalcards

Join Us on Discord: https://discord.gg/SG5kF6esTt

Rod Wortham
Digital Racing Cards LLC
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