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Essentia Organic Mattress CEO Jack Dell’Accio Announces New Organic Latex Foam with Mold Protection at 2024 Biohacking Conference

Essentia Organic Mattress CEO Jack Dell’Accio Announces New Organic Latex Foam with Mold Protection at 2024 Biohacking Conference

BOCA RATON, Fla., May 30, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Essentia Organic Mattress CEO Jack Dell‘Accio proudly took the stage as an Upgrade U speaker for the fourth year in a row at the 10th Annual Biohacking Conference in Dallas, Texas. Hosted by legendary biohacker and esteemed entrepreneur Dave Asprey, this premier event explores cutting-edge advancements in resilience, longevity, consciousness, performance, and more.

During his Upgrade U talk, Jack Dell‘Accio introduced Essentia’s latest innovation for creating the healthiest sleep environments: Essentia Labs’ High Acidity Foam Formula. This new iteration of Essentia’s patented Beyond Latex organic foam significantly diminishes mold colonization. Implemented in Essentia’s GOLS (Global Organic Latex Standard) and GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) Organic Factory, all Essentia mattresses made since early May now feature this advanced mold protection.

“Mold is one of the hidden dangers in your sleep environment, and isn’t caused by any one factor, it can stem from the air, buildings, and other environmental elements. It is estimated that 22% of the population is vulnerable to black mold exposure which can cause chronic fatigue, mood swings, allergies, asthma, and with some chronic exposure may even result in cancer,” explained Jack Dell‘Accio, Essentia CEO & Founder. “By creating our high acidity Beyond Latex organic foam formula, we are taking steps to ensure that even if you are in an environment that is susceptible to mold, we are creating a safe sleep space by diminishing the colonization and growth of mold on the mattress.”

Essentia is centered around sleep as the fundamental aspect of achieving peak performance as a human being. By implementing Mold Protection, Essentia now features Eight Key Elements for restorative sleep, exclusive to Essentia. With all eight elements combined, Essentia is proven to increase the time spent in REM and Deep Sleep cycles by an impressive 20% to 60%, demonstrated by a double-blind sleep study involving professional athletes.

Jack Dell‘Accio, a health and wellness enthusiast, sustainability advocate, chemical-free pioneer, and entrepreneur of the year, is a trailblazer in the sleep wellness industry. As a founding member of Mayo Clinic’s Well Living Lab, his extensive expertise in material science advancements for the healthiest sleep outcomes underscores his reputation as a thought leader in the field.

Under Jack’s leadership, Essentia has garnered recognition as the frontrunner in sleep wellness products. The company has collaborated with professional sports teams in hockey, basketball, football, and baseball, facilitating optimal recovery and pain management solutions within the most conducive sleep environments. Through Essentia’s partnership with Stay Well by Delos and the Mayo Clinic’s Well Living Lab, the focus has extended to promoting healthy sleep during travel, with Essentia proudly making the Stay Well Mattress featured in Stay Well rooms offered by prestigious establishments like Four Seasons, Marriott, and MGM Resorts.

Attendees of the Biohacking Conference in Dallas can experience Essentia’s patented sleep technology at booth 1007 in the Biohacking Wonderland.

About Essentia Organic Mattress

Essentia Organic Mattress is the world’s only organic latex slow-response foam mattress designed for the best sleep ever from the inside out. The eco-luxury brand is dedicated to creating a sleep environment that extends Deep and REM Sleep cycles by 20%. This is made possible by eliminating sleep stimulants, something only achieved by Essentia’s patented technology. In addition, its mattresses are free of harmful toxins, allergens, and off-gasses found in synthetic mattresses, so customers can reap the full health benefits of sleep without harming themselves or the environment. Non-toxic and certified organic, Essentia’s patented vegan technology has us pouring our energy into your nights so that you can pour yours into your most vibrant days. Offering top-of-the-line, innovative, healthy sleep solutions championed by pro athletes and health gurus alike, Essentia’s patented natural latex foam and molding technology address comfort and health without compromise. To learn more, visit http://www.myessentia.com

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