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Ex-Designer Innovates Stylish Cooling Gear to Combat Heat

Ex-Designer Innovates Stylish Cooling Gear to Combat Heat

Ultimo Cool Vest by Oro Sports 4

Ultimo Cool Vest by Oro Sports

Ultimo Cool Vest on Sailing Team

Cooling Vest by Oro Sports

Coolsport Vestino

Designer-styled, global aimed cooling solutions

The US Sailing Team chose Oro Sports cooling gear to protect their athletes in Paris this summer.”

— Luanne DiBernardo

BUFFALO, NY, UNITED STATES, May 19, 2024 /EINPresswire.com/ — With summer temperatures on the rise, staying cool is challenging.  Cooling centers are one way to temporarily cool down, but what happens when you return to your activities or overheated home?  The solution is not only easier than you might think, but definitely more effective and easily more appealing.

It’s not by chance that Oro Sports USA became first to break ground with high-impact, stylish cooling solutions. When Van DiBernardo, a former DKNY designer with extreme heat intolerance, realized that the heat wreaked havoc on his chronic condition, his sibling took action. “I took my brother’s sketches and developed them with performance textiles and high-performing cooling technology in order to create a modern-day solution to an age-old problem; the heat,” explains Luanne DiBernardo, Oro Sports founder.  

The Oro Sports team developed three cooling vests and three cooling accessories based on the benefits of “direct cooling”, the most effective method for cooling body temperature. Think ice packs and ice tubs; inconvenient and impractical, but they work. “Our cooling garments are hands-free and provide immediate direct-to-skin cooling without having to pause activities. “In fact, Oro Sports cooling gear is so effective, the US Sailing Team chose Oro Sports cooling gear to prevent heat injuries when competing in Paris this summer,” Luanne announces.  While Van is also excited about their success in sports, he is quick to remind how their whole cooling concept originated.

“My early motivation in 2014 was to help others like me who have chronic conditions that become worsened by the heat; whereas my sister saw the future,” offered Van, “and the future is here.”   Van was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis (MS) 30 years ago when a young designer for DKNY. In addition to MS, many chronic conditions are exacerbated by the heat. Heart Disease, COPD, Diabetes, Dysautonomia Disorders, Sickle Cell Anemia, among others; while the effectiveness of many medications are compromised by heat as well.

The Ultimo Cool Vest is just one of several cooling garments offered by Oro Sports that allow you to get on with your activities or rest without risk of heat fatigue, or worse. The garments transfer body heat away from the body while also cooling the skin and blood to keep body temperature from rising. These are unlike evaporative cooling methods (as with cooling towels, shirts, and misters) that require low humidity and circulating air to perform, not nearly enough cooling to compete against the record-breaking heat faced by our nation each summer.

On a larger scale of concern, Oro Sports’ trend towards personal cooling solutions encourages individuals to take responsibility for their comfort and safety while being mindful of the planet. Large scale air conditioning can have a significant impact on the environment. 

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