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FDI Summit Costa Rica: First edition of the event attracts new investors to the country USA – English USA – English MEXICO – Spanish

FDI Summit Costa Rica: First edition of the event attracts new investors to the country

USA – English

USA – English

MEXICO – Spanish

SAN JOSÉ, Costa Rica, May 6, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — The Trade and Investment Promotion Agency of Costa Rica (PROCOMER) will bring together investors from around the world in San José, as part of the first edition of the FDI Summit, which will take place between June 11 and 12, at the Convention Center.

The event will allow for two days of immersion in the country, with the aim of allowing companies to learn first-hand about investment opportunities in Costa Rica, the tax incentive system and the capabilities of Costa Rican talent.

The FDI Summit is focused on the country’s strategic sectors such as agribusiness, light and advanced manufacturing, life sciences, corporate services, digital technologies, semiconductors and tourism infrastructure. This diversification of sectors seeks to guarantee investment opportunities in all regions of the country.

Laura López, General Manager of PROCOMER, stressed that the FDI Summit represents a strategic platform for attracting Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) to Costa Rica. “Our nation offers an environment conducive to foreign investment thanks to the solid value proposition, made up of factors highly recognized worldwide such as sustainability, political stability and geographic location, the incentives of the free zone regime, highly specialized human talent, legal security, as well as a robust ecosystem of local suppliers. These conditions, as well as the support of an institution like PROCOMER in 100% of the establishment and post-establishment processes, make Costa Rica a leading destination for investment and that is what we are going to show at the FDI Summit.”

In addition to increasing the positioning of Costa Rica (where more than 400 multinationals already operate), another objective of the FDI Summit is to share international trends in foreign direct investment and the opportunities offered by Costa Rica in this line, for established companies that want to grow even more in the country.

The event will offer a comprehensive experience, both for companies already established in the country and for potential investors, during two days of face-to-face business in Costa Rica. This will include sessions on the local business environment, field visits and tours to business parks, personalized agendas and individual meetings with investors, personalized support and talks with international speakers about the global context of FDI.

Costa Rica is a strategic partner for investment companies, being a country synonymous with stability as it is the oldest democracy in the region. 75 years ago, it made the decision to abolish the military and invest in peace, education, and health.

Lopez added that in less than 40 years these types of decisions made Costa Rica diversify its export matrix and become the main per capita exporter of medical devices throughout the continent. Likewise, Costa Rica has established itself as an attractive destination for Foreign Direct Investment, ranking first worldwide in Greenfield investment attraction.

Recently, the US government placed Costa Rica in a prominent position globally by announcing it as the first beneficiary country of the Chips & Science Act, which aims to explore opportunities to diversify and grow the global semiconductor ecosystem, as well as create a transparent, safe and sustainable global value chain. Therefore, the government of Costa Rica launched the Semiconductor Roadmap, the focus of which lies across four axes: talent, incentives, investment attraction and regulatory improvement.

For more information and registration for the FDI Summit, go to Event – Investment – PROCOMER (investincr.com).

About Costa Rica

In 2023, Costa Rica reached a record in foreign direct investment (FDI) flows by registering an inflow of $3,921 billion, exceeding by 131% the estimated goal for that year of $3 billion; an amount that is also 24% higher than that registered in 2022.

This Central American nation stands out as an excellent investment destination due to factors such as:

  • Political stability that ensures a safe environment for investments. More than 75 years ago it abolished the army, and invests 7% of GDP in education and 8% in health.
  • Since 1990, it has had a free zone regime with attractive tax incentives for companies that invest.
  • Specialized human talent. Costa Rican software developers are among the best in the world, and Costa Rica ranks 2nd in the Global Talent Competitiveness Index (2021).
  • Strategic location with easy connectivity to the world’s main markets, with direct flights to the US and Europe, free trade agreements with more than 50 countries and 16 bilateral investment treaties. It is also a member of the WTO and the OECD.
  • It offers first-rate support for companies to invest: a solid institution like PROCOMER that provides support in all processes. As well as law, accounting and real estate firms; state-of-the-art business parks and a wide ecosystem of local suppliers,
  • Costa Rica has the largest foreign direct investment (FDI) in the world relative to the size of its economy, according to the Greenfield FDI Performance Index prepared by fDi Intelligence.

All these and other factors have made the Greenfield FDI Performance Index, by fDi Intelligence, place Costa Rica as the country that attracts the most FDI in relation to its GDP.

CONTACT: Ofelia Fernández Valverde,[email protected]; Esteban Chaves Trejos,[email protected]

SOURCE Promotora del Comercio Exterior de Costa Rica

Originally published at https://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/fdi-summit-costa-rica-first-edition-of-the-event-attracts-new-investors-to-the-country-302136923.html
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