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FLUSH Publishing Announces KEEP PACE and ‘?QuestionMark?’ memoir

About society, generational trauma, and ultimately how to transpire to a state of peace 

KALAMAZOO, Mich., April 12, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Learn more at: www.questionmark.life – Part of the FLUSH company mission is that way out is through — and that individuals (with any challenges) must face issues and KEEP PACE in their own process. The KEEP PACE magazine by Mark Mathews values community and leadership with the added promotion of experiential events. Mark L. Mathews, CEO of FLUSH Promotions, has also been involved in the Autism Speaks community as a brand ambassador and Team Captain in major cities such as Florida, Indianapolis, Chicago, and Detroit for the past seven years.

“I have a passion for mental health and growing as an individual,” states Mathews, “Rather then focusing on the boxes that so narrowly define what a person ‘has’ or is diagnosed with, we can talk about these experiences openly in our daily lives. The issues we each face are filled with complexity, and they are not so easily captured under the boxed categories that society asks us to subscribe to. Oftentimes, members of our society are overlooked or looked down upon for their issues without individuals fully understanding their story, or even asking about it. We believe instead that there is value in those very things that challenge us and give us difficulty, because ultimately they are what make us the very person that we are today. We emphasize a relaxed and informal environment for events.” Mathews continues, “Yes, we want the conversations to move mental health issues forward, however, we are not concerned with pushing or selling any ideologies, thus we guarantee with our events the spread of KEEP PACE will flow organically through word of mouth and social media.”

Continuing the conversation is his newly launched memoir entitled ‘?QuestionMark?’ (also a pun on the name Mark), which includes content from mental health guidelines to poems to truth-telling conversations about the past and present. Mathews recalls his own experiences visiting mental health clinics and having conversations with others about his previous experiences: “Throughout the book, I am performing deep-level magic,” he states. “The journey never ends when you visualize your existence as a butterfly: peaceful, calm, and with universal gifts.” His experiences have helped him to recognize emotional insecurity in others as well: “I am truly grateful for the opportunity to share my work with you and your fellow colleagues.” 

Mark Mathews, author of ‘?QuestionMark?’ 

The Reality of Facing Mental Health Issues in society, without a box. Creating a qualitative research project by collecting over 2,000 stories both positive and negative of mental health over the past seven years. The fundamental goal is to inform a generation with a core value of accountability combined with understanding mental health language autoethnography, and visual ethnography of lived organic experiences. We are in a mental health crisis without a tutorial to connect ourselves with art and literature. I don’t have to sell myself to sell books. Dr. Fratila: “Favorite pages! It’s all a work of dedication and careful and REFLECTIVE thinking. So happy you put this together, Mark!”

When writing White-Magic (23), I tapped into the darkest moments in my life: “The hardest trick is to make everyone feel GREAT, as you’re feeding them positive energy and creating illusions through a reality that doesn’t exist. I saw Jordan in my dreams. Pistol Pete’s nightmares. I don’t even know how to kill myself, call it enormity. God sent, born with the ink of blood Christ on my arm…. The first to be verified in a city he doesn’t live in. I AM a living example of the questions we ask: who we are and who are we trying to become.


About FLUSH Promotions
FLUSH Promotions creates and organizes events in major cities such as Detroit, Kalamazoo, Grand Rapids, Indianapolis, and Chicago. Envisioned and change in each community. 
Learn more at: https://www.blurb.com/b/11184777-flush-enormity

About ‘?QuestionMark?’ Memoir
?QuestionMark? is a non-fiction magical roller-coaster memoir book, that will have you constantly pondering topics such as religion, child molestation, learning and understanding the levels of Generalized Anxiety Disorder (G.A.D.). The book explores deeply personal issues: about society, generational trauma, and ultimately how to transpire to a state of peace.

Media Contact:
Mark L Mathews
[email protected]

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