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IBSA UK launches the latest generation of treatment options for musculoskeletal conditions in the UK

IBSA UK launches the latest generation of treatment options for musculoskeletal conditions in the UK

UNITED KINGDOM, February 8, 2024 /EINPresswire.com/ — IBSA UK an affiliate of IBSA Group, a global leader in innovative healthcare solutions, is proud to announce the launch of a range of products specifically addressing musculoskeletal conditions, with a focus on Osteoarthritis management – presenting SINOVIAL®.

This ground-breaking advancement in viscosupplementation provides options that address the treatment gap in current osteoarthritis care between conservative management and surgery.

The SINOVIAL® range features an advanced formulation that merges state-of-the-art proprietary technology with recent scientific findings in viscosupplementation to bring quality of life enhancements for approximately 10 million individuals living with arthritis in the UK. IBSA has invested in comprehensive research and development to create a product range that establishes fresh benchmarks in terms of effectiveness and patient satisfaction.

Key Features of the SINOVIAL® range:

• Advanced Formulation: SINOVIAL® incorporates a proprietary hybrid of high molecular weight hyaluronic acid with low molecular weight hyaluronic acid or sodium chondroitin cross-linked with hydrogen bonds through patented technology (NAHYCO®), to provide optimal joint lubrication and support with higher concentrations.

• Optimal viscosity: The unique composition of SINOVIAL® using NAHYCO® technology ensures that the product is easily injected and well-tolerated by the patient for a longer period of time.

• Mimicking of Synovial Fluid: SINOVIAL® promotes prolonged joint cushioning and reduced pain as it mimics both shock-absorption and lubrication functions of natural synovial fluid, therefore offering sustained relief for patients experiencing the challenges of osteoarthritis.

Dr. Charlotte Fairweather, Medical Director for IBSA UK, stated, “The Sinovial range is a leap forward in addressing the unmet needs of patient suffering with osteoarthritis, providing them with increased comfort and mobility. This unique formulation will provide an additional non-pharmacological management option for healthcare providers.”

Kirsty Walker, Advanced Physiotherapy Practitioner for IBSA UK added “The Sinovial range is an exciting development for both patients and clinicians managing osteoarthritis in the U.K. The formulation of Sinovial products provides greater opportunity for people to exercise with osteoarthritis with less pain and improved mobility, which could keep their joint healthier for longer.”

For more information about the SINOVIAL® range and IBSA UK please visit www.sinovial.co.uk


IBSA UK is the UK subsidiary of IBSA (Institut Biochimique SA), a Swiss multinational pharmaceutical Company, founded in 1945 in Lugano. Today, IBSA’s products are present in over 90 Countries on 5 continents, through the Company’s 18 subsidiaries located in Europe, China, and the United States. The company has a consolidated turnover of 900 million CHF, and employs over 2,200 people between headquarters, subsidiaries and production sites. IBSA holds 90 families of approved patents, plus others under development, as well as a vast portfolio of products, covering 10 therapeutic areas: reproductive medicine, endocrinology, pain and inflammation, osteoarticular, aesthetic medicine, dermatology, uro-gynaecology, cardiometabolic, respiratory, consumer health. It is also one of the largest operators worldwide in the area of reproductive medicine, and one of the world’s leaders in hyaluronic acid-based products. IBSA has based its philosophy on four pillars: Person, Innovation, Quality and Responsibility.


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