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Introducing the BEHR CLAW: Redefining Modern Boating

Explore the Next Wave: The BEHR CLAW Revolutionizes Boating Experience

UNITED STATES , November 2, 2023 /EINPresswire.com/ — The BEHR CLAW Head introduces a new dimension to boating with its enhanced magnetic grip and streamlined, resilient design. Constructed from a robust all-aluminum body and protected with a strong powder coating, this device is designed to support maritime activities.

This head is equipped with 304 stainless steel fasteners and powerful N52 magnets, providing a reliable hold on any boat trailer winch hook. It features 3/4-5 acme threads for easy connection to standard extendable poles, transforming them into high-quality boat retrieval devices. The BEHR CLAW Head aims to offer a hassle-free and efficient boat retrieval experience.

The additional BEHR CLAW Extendable Aluminum Pole, adjustable from 3 feet to over 7 feet, offers convenience in boat retrieval and towing. Engineered for seamless integration with the BEHR CLAW Head, the pole also includes a versatile steel hook for a variety of uses, including securing winch hooks and managing winch belts or ropes.

The BEHR CLAW system is designed not only for utility but also for enhancing safety in boating environments. It aims to prevent accidents on slippery ramps and facilitate dry boat retrievals, ensuring that time spent boating is enjoyable and safe.

For individuals familiar with the uncertainties of boating, the BEHR CLAW provides assistance by enabling the swift securing of a tow hook, either to offer aid or to expedite one’s own needs in urgent situations. It represents preparedness and community spirit.

The BEHR CLAW system’s design allows for integration with the BEHR CLAW Pole as well as other extendable poles, showcasing its innovative and versatile nature. It emphasizes safety while offering a practical solution to common boating challenges.

As the pre-sale campaign on Indiegogo commences, enthusiasts and innovators in the boating community are invited to explore this new advancement. The BEHR CLAW system is more than an innovation; it signifies a step forward in boating safety and enjoyment.

BEHR CLAW, backed by US Patent No. US 10,259,371 B1, is the newest offering from Behr, a leader in boating innovation.

For further details, to view the BEHR CLAW in use, or to support the product, interested parties are directed to visit https://igg.me/at/behrclaw/x/33785040#/ or the official website at https://behrclaw.com.

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