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KryptoGO Launches AI-Powered One-Stop Web3 Cloud Solution USA – English APAC – English India – English

KryptoGO Launches AI-Powered One-Stop Web3 Cloud Solution

USA – English

APAC – English

India – English

KryptoGO Studio Addresses the Three Major Challenges of Web2 Businesses Upgrading to Web3

TAIPEI, Aug. 31, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Today, KryptoGO announces the launch of its new AI-powered cloud solution for diverse Web3 enterprise scenarios – KryptoGO Studio (hereinafter referred to as KG Studio). The solution offers a one-stop, secure, and compliant peer-to-peer marketplace application. It addresses the three key challenges faced by global Web2 businesses entering the Web3 domain: identity interoperability, technical security, and user experience, by providing intelligent solutions.

KryptoGO is one of the few industry players that drive innovation with a core focus on regulatory technology. Having gained support from the National Development Fund and launched a cross-chain wallet last year, the company is now upgrading its brand services to accelerate enterprise enablement. With KG Studio, KryptoGO aims to provide the customer journey and user experience required for entry into the Web3 market. The enterprise-level application offers rapid, secure multi-chain wallets, compliance technology, encrypted financial management, innovative NFT marketing tools, user management, and intelligent analytics. All these features aim to empower businesses to succeed in the era of Web3+AI.

Founder and CEO Kordan Ou stated: “Utilizing AI can accelerate the resolution of the pain points Web2 businesses encounter when entering the Web3 realm, serving as a powerful tool. KG Studio is not just a technical solution but also a strategic partner. It helps businesses take the lead in entering the Web3 era, reducing costs and accelerating market entry. The platform offers a user-centric design, robust security and privacy measures, and flexible cryptocurrency fund management, ensuring businesses maintain a competitive edge in the rapidly evolving Web3 world.”

AI-Enabled Solutions for Overcoming the Challenges of Transitioning from Web2 to Web3

During the launch event, KryptoGO identified three significant challenges that have deterred Web2 businesses from entering the Web3 domain: First, the issue of identity and data interoperability between Web3 on-chain and Web2 off-chain, a problem KryptoGO has been addressing through its KYC/AML compliant technology. Second, the high technical barriers around cryptocurrency management for Web2 businesses interested in transitioning to Web3. Third, the necessity for a better user experience in Web3 compared to Web2, which sets higher challenges for brand owners facing user retention and acquisition. These challenges have held back some Web2 businesses from entering the Web3 metaverse.

Kordan Ou believes that AI and the applications based on large language models (AIGC) are accelerating the digital transformation of all enterprises. The fusion of AI and blockchain grants new generational capabilities to various applications, leveraging unprecedented productivity growth brought by AI while combining the security and transparency provided by blockchain. This synthesis can offer stronger efficiency, trust, and management across different industries, from traditional financial investment and cross-border payment CeFi and DeFi applications to various GameFi scenarios based on game ecosystems, IP, P2E, social, NFT, etc.

According to data from Emergen Research, the global Web 3.0 market reached $3.2 billion in 2021 and is expected to grow rapidly, possibly reaching $81.5 billion by 2030. The rapid growth is mainly due to advancements in AI and blockchain technologies, increased usage of cryptocurrencies, and a demand for more secure transaction methods across various industries. By 2030, the market combining blockchain and AI could reach $9.807 billion. Companies pioneering new business models using these two technologies have the opportunity for rapid growth.

Primarily in technological transformation, AI accelerates learning and adaptation to new blockchain technologies, aiding developers in quickly mastering the required knowledge. In the security domain, AI can identify abnormal transaction patterns and potential security risks, enhancing the security of blockchain systems. In compliance, AI can automatically verify identities and data, reducing human errors and non-compliance, particularly important under blockchain industry regulations. Additionally, AI can analyze large volumes of data, provide insights, and assist operators in adjusting business models to align better with market demands.

KG Studio’s Five Key Features Addressing Three Major Challenges in Enterprise Transformation and Upgradation

KryptoGO is taking the lead in launching this one-stop service against such trends. KG Studio has formulated five major modules for front-end, middle-end, and back-end enterprise scenarios. The application of AI runs through each service, resolving the longstanding three major challenges and pain points. These modules and features include:

  • User 360: Focused on user understanding and analysis, offering customizable analytics charts for enterprises to conduct deep data analysis and insights. Advanced analytics features help enterprises better comprehend user behavior and market trends, enabling precise market and user demand positioning.
  • AssetPro: Tackling the complexity of asset management and operations, AssetPro simplifies on-chain fee (e.g., Gas Fee) management and provides financial scheduling for NFT and token airdrops. This enables businesses to operate assets in the Web3 world more flexibly and conveniently.
  • Compliance: Resolves concerns around compliance and security by integrating KYC verification and providing identity and personal data management, especially for KYC requirements in On-ramp and Off-ramp financial flows. This ensures transactional compliance and security.
  • NFT Boost: By offering NFT collection management and multi-chain support, businesses can easily create, manage, and sell their own NFT projects, breaking down barriers in establishing and promoting the NFT market.
  • Wallet: Addresses the complexity and inconvenience of multi-chain wallets by offering a one-stop multi-chain wallet solution. Features include community marketplaces for NFT trading, enriched user experiences through social chat interaction, and enterprise-level wallet management mechanisms.

Bundled Solutions for GameFi and DeFi

KryptoGO introduces bundled solutions for both GameFi and DeFi industries. The KG Studio Lite offers a lightweight, modular design for rapid deployment, aiding businesses in quickly setting up branded wallets, NFT activities, customer management, and providing visual data reporting. KG Studio Pro offers a comprehensive one-stop solution from customer journey to internal operations, including custom solutions based on diverse client needs.

Brand Upgrade and Comprehensive Empowerment

KryptoGO’s Founder and CEO stated: “KryptoGO has gained deep insights into the challenges faced in entering the Web3 space from long-term mutual growth with Taiwan and global users. Supported by national development and venture funds, we actively collaborate with industry partners, associations, governments, and regulatory bodies to drive innovation in compliance technology and AI research. Through KG Studio, we have achieved on-chain and off-chain integration, aligning with our vision for a decentralized omnichannel. In 2023, our collaboration with YGG Japan led to the launch of a GameFi asset management system, not only enhancing user control and asset security but also facilitating the rapid entry of new users into Web3.”

After its brand upgrade, KryptoGO focuses on three core businesses: First, continuing to offer KYC/AML compliant tech services for the financial and banking sectors to improve efficiency and ensure compliance; second, providing a one-stop solution for businesses transitioning from Web2 to Web3, helping them overcome market entry and technical barriers while offering the best Web3 experience to their brand users; and lastly, offering wallet services to end Web3 users to solve issues related to security and interconnectivity. KryptoGO has also comprehensively integrated AI technology into its workflow and products to efficiently assist clients in resolving issues encountered during their growth stages.

About KryptoGO

KryptoGO is a leading brand advocating for the construction of a secure, transparent, and trustworthy Web3 world. Founded in 2019, KryptoGO utilizes blockchain technology, artificial intelligence, and regulatory technology to create a secure, reliable, and fully transparent decentralized virtual asset management platform for Web3 individuals and businesses. It serves as a robust bridge connecting on-chain assets with offline applications. The core engineering team has an average of over 10 years of development experience and hails from globally renowned internet companies and champions of Olympiad-level programming contests. They bring rich experience in open-source project development (with Github projects totaling over 25,000 stars), over 6 years of blockchain development experience, and hold more than 10 patents in artificial intelligence and blockchain. KryptoGO has not only achieved ISO 27001 and 27701 international certifications but also has attracted significant investment from capital sources like the National Development Fund, pushing its valuation over a hundred million. Current clients include banks, venture capital firms, and numerous virtual asset service providers. Its strategic partners are located both domestically and internationally, including the largest Web3 gaming guild YGG’s Japanese gaming guild, YGGJ.

Official Website: https://kryptogo.com


Originally published at https://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/kryptogo-launches-ai-powered-one-stop-web3-cloud-solution-301915513.html
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