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Meijer Sponsors ReLeaf Michigan’s Big Tree Hunt Contest

Meijer Sponsors ReLeaf Michigan’s Big Tree Hunt Contest

Where is the biggest tree in Michigan?

Learn more about ReLeaf Michigan.

Learn more about ReLeaf Michigan.

Join ReLeaf Michigan in making tomorrow better.

Join ReLeaf Michigan in making tomorrow better.

ReLeaf Michigan, a tree planting and education nonprofit serving Michigan, announces Meijer is Platinum Sponsor of the 16th biennial Michigan Big Tree Hunt.

We are thrilled to have Meijer’s support. The Big Tree Hunt provides an opportunity for people throughout Michigan to appreciate and engage with our natural resources.”

— Melinda Jones, executive director ReLeaf Michigan

ANN ARBOR, MICHIGAN, UNITED STATES, June 20, 2024 /EINPresswire.com/ — ReLeaf Michigan, a tree-planting and education nonprofit organization serving communities throughout the state of Michigan, today announced that Meijer is a Platinum Sponsor of the 16th biennial Michigan Big Tree Hunt. The contest, which offers prizes for identifying the biggest trees in Michigan, is open to participants of all ages. The current Michigan Big Tree Hunt has already received over 201 entries from 61 of the 83 counties across the state.

ReLeaf Michigan started the Michigan Big Tree Hunt in 1993 to celebrate our state’s beauty and create a fun way to gather information about Michigan’s biggest trees. The contest is not just for tree huggers and lovers of the outdoors; it is an opportunity for all age groups to help track these vital historical living landmarks, and it is a great way to bring people, nature, and trees together in an engaging activity.

“Fred Meijer, who worked alongside his dad Hendrik to build our company, was an advocate for the environment and had a deep respect for natural resources and conservation. Today, we continue to live out his commitment by supporting nonprofits like ReLeaf Michigan and the incredible work they do in educating the public about the value of trees,” said Melissa Conway, Director of Community Partnerships and Giving at Meijer. “For more than 30 years, the organization’s Michigan Big Tree Hunt has brought communities together in celebration of our beautiful state’s rich history of trees and we’re proud to partner with them this summer.”

“The organizations who sponsor the Big Tree Hunt are very important to us, and we are thrilled to have Meijer’s support,” said Melinda Jones, executive director of ReLeaf Michigan. “This statewide contest provides an exciting opportunity for hundreds of people throughout Michigan to appreciate and engage with our natural resources. Not only is it fun, but we take the results seriously, verifying every winner with an on-site visit. That takes resources, which sponsors like Meijer help make possible.”

The largest trees in the state can be found anywhere: a backyard, a local park, or a hiking trail. The last contest received over 650 entries from 79 of Michigan’s 83 counties, with over 100 certificates and prizes awarded. Winners are recognized for the largest tree submitted from each county, the overall largest tree in different age groups, and the largest White Pine (Michigan’s state tree). The contest also awards trees that may be the biggest of its type. These are known as champion trees and are tracked at the state and federal levels. The state database is currently held and managed by the Michigan Botanical Society, while the national database is now maintained by the School of Natural Resources at the University of Tennessee Institute of Agriculture (UTIA).

As recently as 2012, Michigan had 23 registered champion trees, but today, there are only five registered with at least one pending registration. Since hundreds of tree species don’t yet have registered champions, the Big Tree Hunt is a great opportunity to add to this list and get Michigan trees noticed nationwide. Even if the tree you’ve found is not as large as the currently listed state champion of that species, we encourage you to submit it.

More contest details and the entry form are available online at bigtreehunt.com. The contest will accept submissions until August 22, 2025. If you have a question, email [email protected] or call (800) 642-7353. Follow ReLeaf Michigan’s Facebook page for updates and to see the “Big Tree of the Week,” an entry from the contest posted every Monday. Paper entry forms will be available at over 200 libraries and natural areas across the state!

Meijer joins a list of esteemed companies sponsoring the Michigan Big Tree Hunt, including the other platinum sponsor, Archangel Ancient Tree Archive. Other sponsors include the Consumers Energy Foundation and the Michigan Botanical Foundation. The contest also receives in-kind support from the Michigan Department of National Resources Urban and Community Forestry Program, Michigan State University – Department of Forestry, and the Michigan Botanical Society. If your organization is interested in sponsoring the contest, please contact Kevin Singer at 248-408-8266 to learn about the statewide exposure a sponsor will receive in association with the contest.

ReLeaf Michigan’s contest is a fun activity for families, friends, or solo adventurers to participate in while enjoying the beauty of Michigan. Grab your measuring tape, a friend, or a family member, and head into the trees!

About ReLeaf Michigan

ReLeaf Michigan is the only statewide volunteer non-profit 501(c)(3) tree planting and education organization in Michigan. Its mission is to educate the public on the value of trees and how to properly select, plant, and maintain them. Its board is made up primarily of arborists, foresters, and researchers who are passionate about preserving one of Michigan’s greatest resources: trees.

Since 1988, ReLeaf Michigan has worked with more than 675 communities across the state, planting more than 33,000 trees on public property in Michigan’s cities, townships, and villages. Unlike most tree planting organizations, ReLeaf Michigan plants trees that are already substantial in size, resulting in a higher survival rate and more immediate environmental impact.

ReLeaf Michigan believes our communities are stronger when they are greener. People are healthier, the air is cleaner, infrastructure is more efficient, and the economy is stronger with trees. Visit www.releafmichigan.org to learn more.

About Meijer

Meijer is a privately owned, family-operated retailer that serves customers at more than 500 supercenters, grocery stores, neighborhood markets, and express locations throughout the Midwest. As the pioneer of the one-stop shopping concept, more than 70,000 Meijer team members work hard to deliver a friendly, seamless in-store and online shopping experience featuring an assortment of fresh foods, high-quality apparel, household essentials, and health and wellness products and services. Meijer is consistently recognized as a Great Place to Work and annually donates at least 6 percent of its profit to strengthen its communities. Additional information on on the company can be found by visiting newsroom.meijer.com.

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