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Monolith Ventures LLC Launches Digital Asset Marketplace

Monolith Ventures LLC Launches Digital Asset Marketplace

New Total Solution Digital Tokenization Technology Platform Provides Exclusive Access to Institutional Quality Real Estate and Real World Assets (RWA)

Our new blockchain-powered Marketplace with digital tokenization abilities creates significantly more options for Real World Asset (RWA) investors and institutions.”

— Robert Rodriguez, CEO of Monolith Ventures

PALO ALTO, CA, USA, September 18, 2023/EINPresswire.com/ — In a monumental move for the digital and real assets industry, Monolith Ventures LLC has forged a powerful strategic partnership with technology companies Tassets Inc. and BitOfTrade. Together, they are launching the Monolith Assets Marketplace, a revolutionary blockchain-powered technology platform set to redefine the way institutions, hedge funds, family offices, and sponsors engage to buy and sell assets.

Designed with the modern investor in mind, this state-of-the-art technology platform promises unmatched security, transparency, and efficiency. It is not just about buying and selling; it is about providing a diverse range of institutional investors and real asset holders a seamless experience that also opens doors to a private secondary market tailored specifically for their clientele. The platform will kick off this week as senior management will be attending and presenting at two major conferences, Digital Asset Week in Singapore and CREtechNewYork in New York City.

While other platforms incur challenges that involve multiple intermediaries, cumbersome paperwork, and delayed settlement times, Monolith Ventures, along with its partners, have developed a total solution platform that allows participants to engage in asset purchases and efficient trading with unprecedented ease and confidence in a cost-effective way.

“Today marks a significant milestone in the world of asset trading,” said Robert Rodriguez, CEO at Monolith Ventures. “Our new blockchain-powered Marketplace with digital tokenization abilities creates significantly more options for Real World Asset (RWA) investors and institutions. Our goal is to pioneer a seamless, secure environment where monetization of assets culminates in higher returns for investors.”

The Company said it is beginning with an exclusive array of selected worldwide real estate including hotel and resort properties and has an open invitation to portfolio managers and brokers of qualified investors to either list or procure assets on the platform through their easy to mange “on-boarding” process.

The CEO added, “We are proud to be at the forefront of this transformational venture that has the potential to revolutionize the global financial landscape. Our plan is to add additional asset classes to the platform for investment diversification in commodities such as energy, precious metals, cryptocurrencies, and soon privately owned businesses looking to raise start-up, early stage, and later stage capital through the sale of securitized tokens.”

Features of Monolith Marketplace:

1. Blockchain-Powered Security: The platform’s foundation is built upon blockchain technology, ensuring robust security along with unchangeable and tamper-resistant records. Each asset token represents a verifiable, legally compliant claim to the underlying asset.

2. GlobalAccessibility: The platform caters to a diverse pool of investors offering access to a wide array of digital assets from various geographical regions. This creates greater liquidity and diversification opportunities for investors of all sizes.

3. Smart Contract Automation: By harnessing smart contracts, Monolith’s Marketplace automates several aspects of the trading process, such as asset verification, settlement, and dividend distributions. This reduces administrative overhead and ensures faster and more efficient transactions.

4. Transparency and Traceability: All asset transactions are recorded on the blockchain, enabling real-time transparency and comprehensive audit trails. Participants can track the provenance and ownership history of each asset, building trust and accountability.

5. Enhanced Liquidity: With the removal of traditional barriers, such as illiquidity and high entry thresholds, the platform fosters increased liquidity in the market, attracting a broader pool of investors and improving market efficiency.

Partnership with Industry Experts:

To achieve this groundbreaking initiative, Monolith has partnered with two leading companies in the field of tokenized securities, blockchain technologies, and digital payment systems:

• Tassets Inc.: Provides institutional-grade asset tokenization technology through its Tokenized Asset Lifecycle Management platform (TALM) for the issuance, management, exchange, and transfer of compliant tradable security tokens.

• BitOfTrade: Offers a unique decentralized trading platform for tokens and cryptocurrencies and also features its new AllPay payment system, enabling the use of cryptocurrencies and stable coins for purchases of goods and services with the added ease and security of blockchain technology.

• Bold Capital Group, LLC acted as Advisors to the strategic partners.

For more information on listing assets on Monolith’s digital asset trading platform and to explore investment opportunities, please visit www.Monolith-Ventures.com or contact John Roberts at [email protected].


About Monolith Ventures:

Monolith Ventures is a forward-thinking technology platform committed to driving innovation through blockchain solutions. With a team of worldwide experts and a vision to transform the financial industry, the company aims to lead the way in revolutionizing how digital assets are bought and sold, creating a more accessible and efficient marketplace for all stakeholders. For more information, please visit www.monolith-ventures.com.

About Tassets:

Based in Silicon Valley, Tassets develops and deploys a white label, customized and branded asset tokenization solution and platform leveraging Blockchain and AI technologies. The company has created Asset Tokenization as a Service (ATaaS) to streamline the entire tokenized asset distribution lifecycle by disintermediating, integrating, and powering the process. By using Tassets’ ATaaS solutions, institutions can reduce costs, digitize their assets, and make them more accessible to a diverse spectrum of investors. For more information, please visit www.tassets.com.

About BitOfTrade:

BitOftrade is a cutting-edge, all-in-one technology platform that caters to users from diverse digital spheres. It offers a decentralized AllPay Widget, a solution that enables effortless wallet linking, cryptocurrency payments, token trading, and NFT purchases directly within any hosting website. Additionally, BitOftrade offers a robust decentralized trading platform with advanced features, including high DeFi liquidity swaps, leverage trades, cross chain messaging and fiat- to-crypto transactions. With its universal interface, BitOftrade empowers users to engage seamlessly in various digital activities, making it a versatile and innovative platform for the crypto community. For more information, please visit www.bitoftrade.com.

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