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RIIP REPS App Powered by HSS Sports Medicine Institute Chooses Kemtai Computer Vision to Help Prevent Sports Injuries

Kemtai provides computer vision exercise feedback and guidance on any device with a camera

Reduce Injuries Improve Performance - Free, app-delivered neuromuscular training with RIIP REPS

Reduce Injuries Improve Performance – Free, app-delivered neuromuscular training with RIIP REPS

RIIP REPS, developed by HSS Sports Medicine Institute to prevent sports injuries, selects Kemtai computer vision to provide real-time exercise guidance

NEW YORK, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, December 22, 2023 /EINPresswire.com/ — RIIP REPS, an application developed by the HSS Sports Medicine Institute to prevent sports injuries, has selected Kemtai, the leading computer vision AI exercise platform that provides real-time feedback and corrective guidance, to help advance its injury prevention capabilities.

The RIIP REPS app offers schools, clubs, and leagues the ability to implement an evidence-based functional (neuromuscular) athletic movement training program for athletes playing the sports that put athletes at high risk for ACL injury (basketball, football, lacrosse, soccer, and volleyball). The name RIIP, which stands for “Reduce Injury, Improve Performance,” demonstrates the purpose of the app, which is designed as an implementation solution for neuromuscular training for athletic teams. Two decades of research has shown that, when effectively implemented at a team level, neuromuscular training can reduce sports injury rates by up to 40% and ACL injuries by 50-80% in cutting and pivoting sports like soccer, basketball and lacrosse. Kemtai’s technology unlocks a new level of effectiveness and accessibility for RIIP REPS.

“We’re thrilled to work with Kemtai and believe that this technology will help us deliver on our mission to reduce the unacceptably high rate of ACL injuries in high school athletes around the country through the implementation of neuromuscular training programs,” says Dr. Andrew Pearle, Chief of the Sports Medicine Institute at HSS. “By combining RIIP REPS’ training programs with Kemtai’s scalable technology, we can provide feedback for athletes to further reinforce proper form and technique thereby creating safe and efficient athletic movement patterns. This real-time feedback is an important next step in effective implementation of neuromuscular training programs.”

Powered by Kemtai’s computer vision and AI technology, young athletes will have the opportunity to receive real-time guidance as they complete neuromuscular training protocols on their mobile devices, without the use of any sensors, wearables, or hardware. Because Kemtai’s solution is software-only and delivered directly to athlete’s devices, this relationship brings a new level of accessibility to guided training. The AI-driven, personalized guidance helps correct improper form to supplement and enhance traditional passive videos.

Through Kemtai’s robust API framework, athletes and coaches will also have the ability to access adherence and performance data in order to ensure that athletes progress throughout the season and beyond.

“We’re super excited to work with Dr. Pearle and his team to expand the impact of our technology from physical therapy and rehab to medical fitness and injury prevention,” said Mike Telem, co-founder and Chief Business Officer of Kemtai. “Coupling HSS’s RIIP REPS with Kemtai’s ability to guide athletes at scale, using AI on their own devices, means fewer injuries and all-around healthier athletes.”

This relationship marks a significant leap forward in sports medicine and injury prevention. Together, RIIP REPS and Kemtai strive to revolutionize the way young athletes train in order to help them reach their full potential.


RIIP REPS is a free neuromuscular training tool for sports teams developed by the HSS Sports Medicine Institute. It helps participating athletes build strength, agility, and control when accelerating, stopping and cutting, and jumping and landing.

About Kemtai

Kemtai is a computer vision exercise and assessment platform that provides real-time feedback and corrective guidance for PT, rehabilitation, and medical fitness. It runs on any device with a camera (phone, laptop, tablet) and does not require any sensors, wearables, or hardware. Kemtai partners with healthcare systems, digital providers of physical therapy, and wellness platforms to drive financial, operational, and outcomes-based benefits.

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