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Shadow Fight and Vector Publisher Nekki Announces its First Web3 Game

Nekki launches its first Web3 game

LIMASSOL, CYPRUS, August 18, 2023/EINPresswire.com/ — Nekki, a leading game publisher of high-quality action and strategy Web2 games, has announced its plan to launch ‘Fight Me’, their first Web3 game in 2024.

The Polygon-based browser game is about to mark the beginning of Nekki’s Web3 development era after twenty years of mainstream game creation. The publishing brand that already boasts over 1 billion players now aims to step into next-level gaming and introduce an innovative Web3 approach to ownership and earning to their audience.

A new way to play and earn

Fight Me is a Play-to-Own and Compete-to-Earn fighting game where players unlock, collect, train, and evolve NFT fighters to achieve ranks and win tournaments. During the course of the game, the fighters will evolve and unlock random power-ups, increasing the market value of the gaming asset.

Fight Me is a browser game, accessible on any device, making it always within easy reach. The gameplay takes place in a vibrant, intergalactic world governed by the powerful BoostCorp distributing addictive Boost Cola. The goal of the game is to evolve your fighters, and drinking Boost Cola is what helps players unlock new abilities. As opposed to often unsustainable tokenomics models, Fight Me enables players to make money by selling their upgraded and, when lucky, rare NFTs on the secondary market. Moreover, the players earn by building squads and winning tournaments while enhancing their fighters. The synergy between these two player types forms the core of the game’s stable economy.

Both fiat and crypto-friendly, the game promises a low entry barrier, free trials, little time commitment, and no downloads whatsoever while taking advantage of all the benefits that the Web3 space has to offer.

Gaming’s Next Frontier

Fight Me creators are not worried about the tanking NFT market, focusing on the unique experience that the game has to offer.

Nekki’s founder Dmitry Terekhin is positive about the studio’s new journey, ‘Nekki has always aimed to create transparent gaming experiences while introducing new platforms, challenging game genres, and bringing on unmatched gameplay innovations. This approach has enabled us to thrive on recommendations and sustain organic growth.’

Fight Me is expected to go live in 2024. For more information, please visit the website https://fight.me/.

About Nekki

Nekki is a leading publisher of high-quality action and strategy games. Over 20 years, the team has created multiple successful projects for different platforms, including mobile fighting game series Shadow Fight and parkour-runner Vector, and attracted more than 1 billion players worldwide. For more information, please, visit the website https://nekki.com/

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