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Talkiatry and Charlie Health Partner for Integrated Mental Healthcare Experience

Talkiatry and Charlie Health Partner for Integrated Mental Healthcare Experience

  • Mental health crisis impacts one in five Americans, with just half of children and adolescents with diagnosable mental health problems receiving treatment.
  • Talkiatry and Charlie Health partnership will provide quality options to children and young adults with varying psychiatric and mental health care needs

NEW YORK, Dec. 14, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Talkiatry, a leading provider of high-quality, in-network psychiatric care, today announced a partnership with Charlie Health, the leading provider of virtual high-acuity mental healthcare for teens and young adults. Leveraging innovative technology, the partners seek to provide an integrated care experience to young patients stepping up to virtual intensive outpatient care at Charlie Health and stepping down to ongoing psychiatric care at Talkiatry. This involves coordinating case management, discharge planning, information exchange, and other operational aspects. Together, they’ll measure clinical outcomes to drive ongoing quality improvements, solidifying their joint commitment to better mental healthcare for youth.

Nearly one in five U.S. adults experience mental illness, and 55% of them go untreated every year. This problem is just as dire for young people. One in five children in the U.S. have a mental, emotional, or behavioral disorder in a given year, and only half of children and adolescents with diagnosable mental health problems receive treatment. Innovative treatment solutions have emerged to address these needs, showing promise in overcoming access challenges exacerbated by provider shortages. However, a significant gap remains in effectively coordinating the diverse care needs of patients across the acuity spectrum. This partnership between Talkiatry and Charlie Health aims to tackle precisely this issue.

Both Talkiatry and Charlie Health aim to increase access to quality mental health care. Through its evidence-based virtual intensive outpatient program (IOP), Charlie Health provides teens and young adults comprehensive treatment from home, inclusive of facilitated groups, individual and family therapy, medication management and more. The program is designed for young people needing more-than-once weekly therapy or requiring additional support as they transition back home after residential or hospital-based care.

For patients with less intensive care needs, Talkiatry offers virtual psychiatric services covered by more than 100 health plan contracts, ensuring new patients can be seen within days of booking an initial appointment. The Talkiatry team of more than 300 board-certified psychiatrists specializes in various mental health conditions, including anxiety, depression, PTSD, and more; patients also see the same psychiatrist for every appointment. Talkiatry child & adolescent services are also available in 31 states.

“The youth mental health crisis is palpable in our everyday work with adolescents and young adults, and its care needs are more acute than that of any recent generation,” said Dr. Georgia Gaveras, Chief Medical and Co-Founder of Talkiatry. “It’s critical that we not only focus on solving the problem of access to care but also ensure that the right type of care is available to those with differing needs. That’s what the Talkiatry and Charlie Health partnership is designed to achieve.”

Dr. Caroline Fenkel, Chief Clinical Officer and Co-Founder of Charlie Health, added, “At Charlie Health, we’re redefining the mental health treatment experience. This goes beyond therapy; care navigation is a core commitment of ours and we’re excited to work with Talkiatry’s team to further support our clients throughout their care journeys.”

For more information about partnering with Talkiatry or Charlie Health, please visit talkiatry.com/contact-us and charliehealth.com/partnerships

About Talkiatry
Talkiatry is a national mental health practice that provides in-network psychiatry and therapy. They were co-founded by a patient and a triple-board-certified psychiatrist to solve the problems both groups face in accessing and providing the highest quality mental healthcare. 60% of adults in the U.S. with a diagnosable mental illness go untreated every year because care is inaccessible, while 45% of clinicians are out of network with insurers because reimbursement rates are low and paperwork is unduly burdensome. With innovative technology and a human-centered philosophy, Talkiatry provides patients with the care they need—and allows psychiatrists to focus on why they got into medicine. Learn more at www.talkiatry.com and follow us on Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

About Charlie Health
Charlie Health connects teens and young adults across the country to life-saving mental health treatment. Charlie Health tailors treatment experiences to achieve optimal outcomes, leveraging evidence-based approaches, including facilitated groups and individual therapy, as well as family therapy. Charlie Health’s virtual intensive outpatient program (IOP) closes treatment gaps by providing a level of care between traditional once-weekly therapy and inpatient treatment. Charlie Health is in-network with most major health plans, including commercial and Medicaid, in 27 states and counting. To learn more about Charlie Health, visit charliehealth.com.

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