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The Only App Connecting Goalkeepers with World-Class Industry Professionals and Coaches

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The Union GK app connects you world-class professionals throughout the goalkeeping industry in a safe, intimate setting to receive unbiased feedback & guidance.

We wanted to make a space where everybody out there, from youth players to coaches and parents, could find the quality they’re looking for to help advance their soccer careers.”

— Saskia Webber, World Cup Champion, Olympian & Coach

LOS ANGELES, CA, UNITED STATES, December 7, 2023 /EINPresswire.com/ —
In a groundbreaking move to revolutionize goalkeeper training and mentorship, World Cup winners and industry veterans Saskia Webber and Michael Magid have joined forces to launch THE UNION GK, the first-ever app designed exclusively for goalkeepers. This innovative platform offers a wide array of premium services at a low yearly subscription cost, making it a game-changer for youth athletes aspiring to excel in this unique and challenging position.

As the only app explicitly tailored for goalkeepers, THE UNION GK addresses these athletes’ inherent challenges, providing a comprehensive solution to bridge the gap between talent and opportunity. Goalkeepers, often isolated figures on the pitch, require specialized coaching, mental and strategic guidance, and exposure to the right teams and recruiters. THE UNION GK fills this void by offering easily accessible, cost-effective resources and open forums that facilitate connections with world-renowned pro goalkeepers, coaches, mentors, therapists, and fellow goalkeepers worldwide.

Co-founders Saskia Webber and Michael Magid, distinguished personalities in the soccer world, bring their wealth of experience to THE UNION GK. Webber, a 1996 Gold Medalist and 1999 World Cup Champion, alongside her roles as a former UCLA Coach, On-Air Talent at CBS Sports, and Co-Owner of NWSL’s ACFC, is committed to empowering goalkeepers at all levels. Magid, Owner of LAGKA and former Director of Goalkeeping at LAFC Youth, brings his extensive expertise to provide a unique perspective to the app.

THE UNION GK’s Premium subscription breaks down financial barriers, allowing goalkeepers, parents, and coaches access to personal mentoring, college recruiting assistance, training sessions, game video analysis, mindset and sports performance coaching, and more.

Key Features of THE UNION GK Premium Subscription Include:

1-on-1 Mentor Sessions with Top Coaches and World-Class Trainers
Athletes, and Professionals,
College Recruiting Assistance
Game Video Analysis
Training Session Designs
Mindset & Sports Performance Guidance
Finding the Right Youth Private Training or Club
Nutritional Plans

The Union GK is founded on four pillars: Coaching Education, Nutrition and lifestyle, Mental Well-Being, and Sports Performance. By offering these comprehensive services, THE UNION GK empowers goalkeepers to level up their skills, providing an immersive experience through original content, community engagement, and a supportive environment.

“THE UNION GK is your one-stop destination for top-notch training, expert tips, and an immersive experience to help level and amplify goalkeeping skills,” said Saskia Webber, CEO of THE UNION GK.

With private coaching often financially out of reach for many, THE UNION GK is set to democratize access to premium soccer training, providing everything needed for goalkeeper development within one app and at a fraction of the cost. While online and virtual coaches typically charge $75.00 to $100.00 per session, THE UNION GK offers an all-inclusive yearly subscription for $49.99, found in the App Store and Google Play.

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