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Unique Experiences and Tailored At-Home Services App Project

Unique Experiences and Tailored At-Home Services App Project

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Our project changes family fun times, after-school activities, iconic car rentals, wellness services all in one + more!

This would be ideal for Amazon associates. With our Daycare Centers, our associates could use Jig App to welcome teachers and tutors to help their children with homework and activities.”

— Amazon Site Leader, Las Vegas, NV

LAS VEGAS, NEVADA, UNITED STATES, July 9, 2024 /EINPresswire.com/ — Get ready to transform your family time with the all-new Jig App, now live on Kickstarter! Jig proudly introduces its latest project, an innovative app that promises to bring unique experiences, more fun at home, and engaging activities that cater to both educational and non-educational needs. But Jig App is not just an app—it’s a thriving community of parents, educators, and service providers dedicated to supporting busy families with tailored solutions.

Jig App is your gateway to connecting with vetted educators for personalized, at-home learning and extracurricular activities. Plus, it opens the doors to exciting adventures with local studios, rental services, and providers. Whether it’s tutoring, music lessons, arts and crafts, sports coaching, or beauty & wellness services, Jig App has something special for everyone.

In today’s fast-paced world, Jig App offers a convenient, stress-free approach to alternative after-school extracurricular activities and learning. What sets Jig App apart is its personalized at-home services and an extensive range of activities and wellness options designed for the entire family.

An Amazon Site Leader from Las Vegas, NV, shared their excitement: “This would be ideal for Amazon associates. With our provided Daycare Centers at some of our locations, our associates would be able to utilize the Jig App to welcome teachers and tutors to help their children with homework and extracurricular activities right here at our Daycare Centers while they go to work! I believe that a company like Amazon would support a company like Jig. When Jig is up and running, please let us know! We would love to be the first ones to know about the news!”


Jig App Key Features Include:

*Wide Range of Subjects and Activities: Real-time booking and scheduling.
*Secure Payment System: Progress tracking for students/users.
*Parent Feedback and Review System: Communication message center for parents/users and educators and service providers.

We estimate the budget of $70,000 to create and develop the Jig App project to work effectively. This covers the cost of:

1.) Development Costs: Ongoing app development, maintenance, and updates.
2.) Marketing and Sales: Advertising, promotions, sales team salaries, and commissions.
3.) Operational Costs: Salaries for administrative and support staff, office expenses.
4.) Service Provider Fees: Payments to educators and service providers.
5.) Customer Support: Handling inquiries, complaints, and technical support.
6.) Compliance and Legal: Ensuring compliance with local regulations, legal fees.

We are utilizing crowdfunding as a means of raising funds for the Jig App project, which we currently have on Kickstarter and will end July 28, 2024. We have prepared lots of exclusive rewards and offers for kind supporters and investors just like you. We invite you to visit our Kickstarter’s Live page to be the first to immediately learn more about the Jig App and be the first to enjoy that early bird offer.

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Kickstarter’s Live Page: Jig Project on Kickstarter

About Jig App:
Jig App is dedicated to enhancing family life through interactive educational and non-educational experiences. Founded by Lizette Sanz, Jig App seeks to provide diverse services that cater to the needs of modern busy families, fostering both educational and general growth and personal well-being.

Lizette Sanz
Jig – The New App in Town
+1 702-899-9178
[email protected]
Visit us on social media:

A parent and great auntie expressing her opinion about Jig as a well need it service and as relevant to just about everyone and everything.

Originally published at https://www.einpresswire.com/article/726346703/kickstarter-fundraising-for-jig-app-unique-experiences-and-tailored-at-home-services-app-project

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