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Zano Launches New Ecosystem – Zarcanum

HONG KONG, March 20, 2024 /PRNewswire/After many years of hard work, Zano is announcing their major network upgrade, named Zarcanum. This will transform their blockchain from a secure, single-asset chain, to an ultra-secure, multi-asset, decentralized financial universe. The Zano Project has emphasized user security, building the platform from scratch and adding unique features such as Proof of Stake with hidden amounts, untraceable transactions, confidential assets, anonymous marketplace creation, and aliases.

As an open-source cryptocurrency with enterprise-grade privacy, security, and scalability that operates as a robust foundation for confidential assets and decentralized applications, Zano has been revolutionizing blockchain privacy to make it ready for mainstream adoption.

Pavel Nikienkov, the Project Manager and Core Developer at Zano, said, ”The anticipation surrounding the Zarcanum hardfork has been palpable, with many in our community viewing it as a pivotal endpoint. However, I see it quite differently – to me, this hardfork isn’t the conclusion of our journey, but a groundbreaking commencement. By introducing Zarcanum, we’re not just updating; we’re adding a whole new dimension to our project’s growth. This is the beginning of an era where our platform evolves, expands, and truly flourishes.”

Zano’s developers have long wanted to change the way user security was handled in the traditional finance space. With backing from longtime Bitcoin investors such as Roger Ver, and other prominent figures in the crypto space like Vikrant Sharma and Douglas Tuman, Zarcanum is ready to change the way companies do business.

To help developers get started working on Zarcanum, Zano is also creating the Zano Grants Program to give developers the financial support they need to develop the Zano ecosystem into a vibrant and diverse community.

Valeriy Pisarkov, the Lead Researcher & Core Dev at Zano, said, ”The upcoming hard fork #4 (‘Zarcanum’) is extremely important for improving Zano privacy, and it’s for sure a huge milestone for us. We wrote more than 34k lines of code across 1.2k commits to implement Zarcanum PoS, Confidential Assets, Ionic Swaps, Bulletproofs+, RingCT with hidden amounts and did many tests for them. At the same time, the hard fork itself is a stressful time; we will be watching the network and blockchain very closely to make sure it will go smoothly.”

For more information about Zano, visit blog.zano.org

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Telegram: Zano Project
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