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How to navigate a more healthy life in 2024

OYNB Podcast

Ruari Fairbairns, founder of OYNB

Ruari Fairbairns, host of OYNB Podcast

As the clock struck midnight on New Year’s Eve, millions of people across the country made resolutions for a healthier and more productive 2024

As we embrace 2024, the OYNB Podcast stands ready to guide individuals toward healthier, happier, and more fulfilling lives”

— Ruari Fairbairns

UNITED KINGDOM, January 4, 2024 /EINPresswire.com/ — As the clock struck midnight on New Year’s Eve, millions of individuals across the country made resolutions for a healthier and more productive 2024, and leading the charge is the OYNB Podcast. The podcast, part of the award winning One Year No Beer movement, is an indispensable guide for those reconsidering their relationship with alcohol, starting with the now infamous Dry January.

Hosted by Ruari Fairbairns, an award winning visionary in the health and well-being space, OYNB Podcast is a must-listen for those looking to become the most productive, engaged, and healthiest versions of themselves. Each episode shares inspiring, motivating, and thought-provoking stories from experts in the field of mental health and science, plus OYNB members who have undergone life-changing experiences by taking a break from alcohol.

We often find ourselves in a societal loop – normalising alcohol, the very substance that dims our sparkle, only to seek remedies for the gloom it brings. Have you ever considered the silent toll that alcohol is taking on your professional drive and the quality of your connections with family and friends?

The latest episode is an invitation to envision a life where clarity, focus, and relationships flourish. Ruari invites you to imagine your future, the personal growth you see for yourself, and to be honest about the very real (and mostly hidden) costs that alcohol has on your life.

Behind all of this is the neuroscience powering compulsive behaviours. Learn about strategies to manage stress and prevent it from derailing your ambitions for the year ahead. And explore how mindfulness techniques like breathwork can lead to overcoming habits and living a life filled with more personal wins and self love.

OYNB Podcast interviews leading figures in mental health & neuroscientists to dive deep into how alcohol can break you down – not just mentally but physically- leading to compulsive behaviours.

Hear from some of the 80,000+ OYNB members who’ve witnessed improvements in sleep, productivity, weight loss, and overall well-being.

Discover how many business leaders have managed to increase their productivity and double their incomes by changing their relationship with alcohol. Access top tips, ideas, strategies, and support for those contemplating a change in their relationship with alcohol.

Series 3, consisting of 33 episodes, launched in June 2022 features a number of standout interviews with experts in the field of compulsive behaviours including addiction, business leaders and real life stories including –

Shaa Wasmund MBE (British businesswomen & #1 selling author)

Dr Judson Brewer (American psychiatrist, neuroscientist and author)

Dr Anna Lembke (Chief of the Stanford Addiction Medicine Dual Diagnosis Clinic at Stanford University)

Tj Power (Co-founder of mental health platform Neurify)

Andrew Done (OYNB Complete Control member)

MT (OYNB Complete Control member)

With over a million podcast downloads, and having transformed the lives of hundreds of thousands of listeners in 158 countries, the OYNB Podcast has become a must-listen health and wellbeing podcast. With brands like Huel and Blinkist having recognised its influence, resulting in notable advertising partnerships.

OYNB is on a mission to completely transform the way people relate to alcohol. Acknowledging the profound negative impacts of alcohol abuse on both individuals and society, OYNB provides transformational programs, creating awareness, offering support, education, and coaching to empower individuals to make a positive change and take control.

Ruari Fairbairns, the Founder and CEO of OYNB, is a leading figure in the health and well-being space. Awarded the Great British Entrepreneur of the Year for Scotland and Northern Ireland in 2020, Ruari’s personal journey from a binge-drinking culture to a transformative break from alcohol inspired the creation of OYNB.

Ruari said, “OYNB is recognised as a leader in preventive behaviour change, and our podcast is a crucial part of our mission. It’s not just about Dry January; it’s about transforming lives and helping individuals become the best versions of themselves. As we embrace 2024, the OYNB Podcast stands ready to guide individuals toward healthier, happier, and more fulfilling lives.”

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