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Making Every Minute Count: Couples Save Over 250 Hours on Wedding Planning by Partnering with Experts

Making Every Minute Count: Couples Save Over 250 Hours on Wedding Planning by Partnering with Experts

Happy couple at Barker House by Wedgewood Weddings

Wedding planning team at Galway Downs in Temecula, CA

Members of the expert planning team at Wedgewood Weddings

Wedgewood Weddings and Events

Wedgewood Weddings & Events

A recent survey shows that Wedgewood Weddings couples save over 250 hours planning their weddings, compared to the average couple.

Wedding planning can be time-consuming. With Wedgewood Weddings, you can enjoy the planning process without sacrificing quality time with your partner.”

— Bill Zaruka, CEO

TEMECULA, CA, UNITED STATES, January 5, 2024 /EINPresswire.com/ — Planning a wedding takes time – a lot of it. According to a study by Minted, couples spend an average of 528 hours on wedding planning. Wedgewood Weddings, a company providing customizable all-inclusive wedding packages across over 60 venues nationwide, surveyed their clients this December and found that using their services saves couples an average of over 250 hours in wedding planning time compared to the overall average. This significant time saving allows Wedgewood Weddings couples to spend less time coordinating details and more quality time enjoying their engagement. By offering streamlined planning with experienced wedding professionals, Wedgewood Weddings delivers valuable time and cost savings for busy couples planning their special days.

The team at Wedgewood Weddings asked recent clients to rate how long every aspect of wedding planning took. Almost 300 couples responded and were unanimous that the planning experience with Wedgewood Weddings was fun and stress-free. After couples had solidified their budget and secured their wedding venue, they spent about 126 hours on the rest of the planning, such as coordinating with various vendors, managing the guest list, and picking out their wedding music.

With Wedgewood Weddings handling the venue, catering, planning, and more behind the scenes, couples have more freedom to focus on what matters most—from customizing meaningful details to relaxing and enjoying newlywed bliss. In fact, 97% of Wedgewood Weddings couples don’t feel the need to hire an outside wedding planner.

“Wedgewood Weddings takes care of the heavy lifting so couples can maximize their time together before the big day,” said Alyssa Keith, Expert Wedding Planner at Wedgewood Weddings. “Their packages give couples flexibility, whether they want to DIY special elements or leave everything to the experts.”

The Wedgewood Weddings experience
With the expert Wedgewood Weddings team handling the behind-the-scenes details, couples can rest easy knowing every last touch is infused with care and expertise. From the first venue walkthrough to reception send-off, Wedgewood Weddings’ all-inclusive packages promise memorable celebrations with five-star service.

Recent Wedgewood Weddings bride Audrey Edwards shared, “Thanks to going with an all-inclusive package and the team’s planning help, we got our Saturdays back to adventure with our pup or do fun things like work on the reception playlist. It brought so much more joy back into our engagement.”

From selecting a stunning inclusive venue to customizing a wedding package, the streamlined Wedgewood Weddings process has three simple steps.

Step One: Couples can browse dozens of elegant venues on Wedgewood Weddings’ website, exploring locations based on capacity, style, and budget. Found a favorite? Book a complimentary tour to envision the ceremony and reception on-site.

Step Two: Couples then select their all-inclusive wedding package, avoiding hours of researching and vetting individual vendors. From catering to DJ services, the packages include everything couples will need. For custom needs, couples can also mix and match elements à la carte.

Step Three: With the venue and package settled, the Wedgewood Weddings team gets to work arranging the logistics behind the scenes. All couples have to worry about is showing up to celebrate.

Throughout the planning process, couples can choose their desired level of involvement. For those wanting more personalization, Wedgewood Weddings shares insider tips on maximizing efficiency for wedding registries, attire shopping, and favorite projects. Alternatively, couples may simply communicate preferences while leaving the execution to the capable Wedgewood Weddings team. With three straightforward steps and customizable options, Wedgewood Weddings offers couples an elegant, stress-free ceremony and reception tailored to their vision.


Minted Wedding Survey, November 2018, with a sample of 2000 US adults who got married in 2017/2018. Source: https://swnsdigital.com/us/2019/02/study-finds-modern-wedding-planning-takes-more-time-than-you-think/

Wedgewood Weddings Survey, December 2023, 290 past clients surveyed asking how many hours wedding planning took in total, considering all aspects from finding a venue to wedding dress shopping and hand-crafting favors.

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Originally published at https://www.einpresswire.com/article/676183653/making-every-minute-count-couples-save-over-250-hours-on-wedding-planning-by-partnering-with-experts

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